Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Time for a change!

Tue, November 29, 2005

Curtains for the Liberals

After 12 years, four governments and two prime ministers, it's not just time to boot the federal Liberals out of office. It's time to drive a stake through their hearts, before they rise up again and bleed this country dry.

After losing a historic non-confidence motion in the Commons last night by a vote of 171-133, Paul Martin and the Liberals must now be driven from power by Canadians.

They must be defeated -- and not just because of the Liberal venality, arrogance, greed and theft exposed in AdScam.

They must be defeated because our health-care system has failed too many Canadians while the Liberals boast of piling up record surpluses of our money.

Because Liberal corruption is directly responsible for the revival of the separatist threat in Quebec.

Because the Liberals' naive belief in mollycoddling criminals has left them paralysed and unable to respond to the ongoing gangs and guns crisis in Canadian cities.

Over the past 23 days, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Liberals have made $24.5 billion in election promises -- more than $1 billion a day or $44 million per hour! They hope this brazen vote-buying will somehow make voters forget the brazen corruption of AdScam.

But does anyone really believe that any of that money is going to improve the lives of average working Canadians?

After all, the Liberals have made big promises and bribed us with our own money in election after election after election.

Ask yourself, after 12 years of Liberal rule, is our health-care system better or worse? Are waiting lists for surgery and diagnostic tests longer or shorter? Is our military stronger or weaker? Do our immigration and refugee system, and our criminal justice system, inspire more confidence, or less?

No wonder Martin launched his campaign last night with the same old tired fearmongering about Stephen Harper and the Conservatives taking the country "backward."

The Liberals have scarcely moved anything forward except spending your money.

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