Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ont. doctors want health alternatives election debate

Ont. doctors want health alternatives election debate: "Flynn said Canada can no longer offer patients fast access to care compared with Great Britain, which has a private, parallel system alongside its public health system, and said we should look at elements of the British and French models.
'We need to consider in an unemotional way what works elsewhere,' he said. 'This should be about what works, not what used to work.'
Flynn noted there is already a lot of private delivery of health services in Canada, including most doctors' practices, and said politicians should stop trying to portray any private involvement in health care as a betrayal of medicare.
'I think actually the public is getting tired of that. I think they recognize that private health care is something that's a reality in Ontario, a reality in the rest of Canada,' he said. 'Let's try to be clear about what it is we're talking about.'
Flynn has just completed a tour of 26 Ontario cities and towns and said it's obvious 'that our current system is not providing timely access to quality health care' in any community. "

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