Friday, July 29, 2016

The Most Dangerous Socialist in History Antonio Gramsci

The Most Dangerous Socialist in History | The Stream: It may be that the most effective Marxist was an Italian philosopher, journalist and Communist who spent the last years of his life in Mussolini’s prisons.

Antonio Gramsci had no blood on his hands. He signed no execution orders. He was even considered somewhat of a heretic by more mainstream Marxists of his time. Gramsci’s ideas, however, help explain why so many of the West’s cultural institutions today are rotten with leftist ideas and rhetoric.

Rule of law, for instance, is no longer understood as embodying a commitment to equality before the law and non-arbitrary behavior. Instead, it is “unmasked” as a tool for denying justice to various minorities. The American Revolution is not a principled defense of ancient liberties against burgeoning tyranny; instead it’s an effort by wealthy white Colonials to maintain their privileges. Civility is dismissed as something which constrains people from expressing their outrage against injustice. Even the English language is revealed to embody ancient “patriarchal” oppression against women.

(The father of today's political correctness epidemic ?)

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