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Proud of candidate meetings
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In response to the July 29 Expositor article on "Four candidates miss
the Taxpayers Coalition debate at the Knights of Columbus Hall ...."

With respect, the inability to communicate or conversely the inability
to hear what the people of Brantford are saying or want appears to be
an apparent common weakness in Brantford governance process. For the
record, we are proud of the "meet the candidates" public meetings in
bridging the information gap and allowing all people to make informed
and wise decisions through their power of voting for the most
qualified candidate of their choice. All candidates were invited to
the Taxpayers Coalition "meet the candidates" public scheduled events.
This information was conveyed in a grassroots manner -- by personal
invitation, phone, word of mouth, e-mail social media and well
publicized in both local newspapers and local community television. In
our opinion, the quality and participation in the debate process, by
the participants -- candidates from all wards was high. The ward and
mayors debates where extremely informative to the voters. Those that
did not attend missed an opportunity to be heard. One wise person, a
serious candidate, made the following realistic and astute observation
and comment about this public process. "If you have a job interview
with the public, it is wise to show up for the interview."

It is unfortunate that some candidates, could not or chose not to
attend, due to personal, work commitments, or other scheduling
conflicts. A special public "meet the candidates" meeting is scheduled
for Wednesday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus hall to
give these people the opportunity to speak and to ensure that everyone
is fairly represented and objectively treated. Please contact us if
you "officially" wish to participate. Respectfully speaking and with
nothing to hide.

Sieg Holle

Communications director Brant Taxpayers Coalition

Hollecrest & Associates Inc   -"Turnaround Consultants" .

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