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Saving 200 jobs in Brantford


Positioning thoughts on Shop rite  SCC   and community initiatives

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Subject: Fwd: Business development SCC -informal thoughtsto garner expression of interest2
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Community leaders mobilize and pass it on . -This is a worthy cause that deserves priority attention. You can be part of the solution -please comment and make suggestions  you can make the  difference . Sieg

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Subject: Business development SCC -informal thoughtsto garner expression of interest2

"When good men do nothing there are normally bad consequences and loses by default"- Sieg Holle BS MBA  About us

The purpose of this working paper is to see if there is the will or means in the community to save Shoprite ( Screenprint) and the 200 jobs in a revitalized and restructured form . The Shoprite Community Corporation or SCC model has proved effective in the past and  is a means to such an end .

Facts and background:


Shoprite is a mature Brantford headquartered company with an over  50 year tradition of providing prosperity to the community or people of Brant /Brantford in terms of higher paying jobs ,municipal, provincial, and federal tax revenue,  and is both a purchaser and proven leading supplier of needed goods and services to the Canadian and international markets.


The company is in technical receivership with estimated assets of 2.5 million and liabilities of 5 million dollars. Over 200 jobs, with an average hourly pay level of $28 are at risk . The Receiver is presently running, and winding down the 2 facilities located on Elgin street  They are in the first stage of the receivership process and fulfilling existing orders. No formal RFP for the company or its assets have been publicly posted as is required. The entity is still in operation on a scaled down basis.



Based on information provided by political candidates at the Taxpayer Coalition sponsored "Meet the Candidates" and other concerned citizens input- there are compelling reason to retain high paying jobs in the community.

  • One in four jobs in Brantford has been lost in the economic downturn which has placed additional strains on community services and other community businesses.
  • There are many empty or underutilized industrial factories  in the Brant/Brantford community. The economic base and tax base is eroding.
  • Two mayor candidates ( Sless and Calnan)  have expressed support and suggested that a community initiative be undertaken to save the jobs and company if feasible .


Should good men in the community do something? Are their benefits that override the risks? When is talk and political posturing not enough?

·        Why not find out ? – a prudent business strategy and community decision   What is required ? –basically a will to succeed.

o       The five step process is proven and simple  - pre-feasibility( public consultation), Feasibility, Business Plan, Financial /ownership Plan , Implementation 

·        Leadership required – Who will champion the cause legally?

o       An entity is needed to consolidate community interests

o       SCC  is an entity which can be formed for the specific purpose

·        Considerations

o Do the creditors have an incentive to keep the restructured company alive by receiving  a benefit greater then getting a tax write off and write downs ?

§         What acceptable terms  can be negotiated in everyone's best interests?

o       What is the market for the existing and new products that can be produced and marketed by the restructured company?

o       What good men should serve on the SOS task Force committee and in what capacity?

o       What assistance is available from government or other sources?

§         Capitalize creditor write-offs

§         Incentives  -municipal, provincial, federal

·        Training

·        Equipment

·        Product service orders

·        Other

·        Guarantees

·        Tax deferrals and grants

·        Talent or services lend for task at hand

o       Time is of the essence



Other Points to be made:

  • Once  the company is decommissioned , it is a sad fact that it will be hard to revitalize . The cost of creating the same level of  jobs has proven to be more expensive. See Enterprise benchmarks . The following adages apply
    • A bird in hand is worth many promises in the bush
    • All the kings horses and all the kings men will not be able to put humpty back together again
  • Real time starts when the Receivers asks for public tenders or RFPs. Can we be ready ? It is estimated that this is a 3 to 6 month process.


Can the SCC model work?

Yes , with a few good men, real people that are  motivated, knowledgeable, productive  and with intelligent leadership


Should we make it work?

Yes , with real action , real energy , real plans, real people –not talkers or self interested posturing .

There are 1200 people ,their families, with  their purchasing power and influence  at stake.


Is it worth a shot?        Yes        Maybe        No





Job creation benchmarks – Brantford



Economic performance benchmarks   Information based on Enterprise Brant

Enterprise Brant is responsible for delivering the Community Futures Program in
Brantford·Brant County which is a job creation program funded by Industry Canada.
During the past 21 years of operation Enterprise Brant has:
• approved over $16 million in loans to over 600 businesses in Brantford/Brant
• granted over $3.5 million to over 231 Community Development Projects
• assisted over 800 unemployed individuals with starting up 757 new businesses, creating 1028 jobs over the past 21 years.
Small and medium sized businesses can borrow up to $250,000 to expand an existing business or start a new one.

Quick benchmarks   Enterprise Brant

These funds are part of the South West Community Adjustment Funds that were allocated to Enterprise Brant to administer for stimulating local economic growth in Brantford and Brant County. As part of the Economic Stimulus package implemented by the Federal Development Agency for Southern Ontario, it is important that these funds are allocated to businesses that will enable them to grow and/or position themselves to take advantage of the improving economy.

What are 200 jobs worth?

SCC comparison using Enterprise benchmarks

Hollecrest & Associates Inc   -"Turnaround Consultants" .

Back to Eden communities
Sunridge -261 Oakhill Drive, Brantford
"Building elder peer communities that are cozy,caring and comfortable" -quality 24/7 care

Hollecrest & Associates Inc   -"Turnaround Consultants" .

Back to Eden communities
Sunridge -261 Oakhill Drive, Brantford
"Building elder peer communities that are cozy,caring and comfortable" -quality 24/7 care

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