Sunday, March 07, 2010

Re: Fw: ontario spring pc agenda

On 3/7/10, S Holle <> wrote:

; Tim Hudak Sets PC Caucus Priorities for Spring Session of the Legislature
> As the Ontario Legislature resumed this week, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak
> outlined the three key priorities that the Ontario PC Caucus will be
> focusing on during the spring session:
> * Fighting for more private sector jobs and a stronger economy.
> * Demanding more accountability from the McGuinty Government in the wake of
> their growing list of scandals and mismanagement.
> * Defending Ontario families currently struggling with a rising cost of
> living thanks to Dalton McGuinty's disastrous tax-and-spend policies.
> The Ontario PC Caucus will also use their time in the Legislature to ensure
> that the public receives the answers they deserve on Dalton McGuinty's
> health care scandals, fiscal mismanagement, $3 billion HST tax grab, and
> multibillion dollar sweetheart Samsung deal.

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