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More information on the swine flu <aplty named swine or pork epidemic " and more' good news on beer from Douglas

CDC fails at math

The feds are still squealing over swine flu -- but no matter how loud they oink, their numbers just don't add up.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared that 57 million Americans have come down with swine flu -- and their media lap dogs (or are they now pigs?) just ate it up. I saw that big number repeated in headlines everywhere as if that were a fact and not a completely made-up number.

Oink, oink.

But that's just what it is -- a story as true as those Babe the Pig movies. If someone can prove to me that 57 million Americans actually came down with swine flu, I'll trade my lab coat for overalls and take up hog farming.

I mean it... but it's not going to happen. The truth is, no one knows how many swine flu cases there were, not even the math whizzes at the CDC. That 57 million figure is just the midpoint of a massive estimate range that claims up to 84 million Americans may have had swine flu.

They may as well say it was between 1 and 300 million.

Remember, the feds stopped counting swine flu cases in July -- they actually told state and local health authorities to stop testing for it and stop tracking it. It's better than burning evidence -- because they prevented the evidence from ever existing in the first place.

Now, they can throw around any number they want without having to worry that the truth might someday come out and squeal on them.

All we know for certain -- and this is based on real data from the CDC and state health departments -- is that only a tiny fraction of the suspected H1N1 cases that were sent to labs for confirmation actually turned out to be swine flu, or even any kind of flu at all.

Most people just had a bad cold.

Yet the feds keep pushing this myth that Americans should STILL rush out and get swine flu shots... hinting darkly at the possibility of a "third wave."

If it's as "bad" as the first or second wave, you can safely keep your sleeve down... because this undercooked bacon is already cold.

----comment SH----- remember that pigs get fat but hogs or swines get slaughtered when the truth comes out ...chuckle ------

Beer for your bones

Drink up, gals -- and make sure you take full advantage of Ladies' Night: Women who enjoy their beer are a lot more fun... and they're healthier too.

The benefits of steady-but-moderate alcohol consumption are beyond dispute for men and women alike (and if anyone tells you otherwise, thank them for their input, end the conversation there and pour yourself another drink).

But a new study shows how a good brew can also help build your bones and lower your risk for osteoporosis -- thanks to a fantastic trace element called silicon. ,,,,,,,,Yvonne will be pleased with this plan of care improvement ....SH,,,,,,,,,...

I've been toasting the praises of beer for years... I've even told you about those high silicon levels before. But the latest research shows which brews are best -- and how much of a benefit you'll get from each.

Researchers bought 100 types of the golden elixir for lab analysis. They found that India pale ales -- better known as IPAs -- had the most silicon, with 41.2 milligrams per liter. That's slightly more than two U.S. pint glasses, or what I call a good start to an evening.

When you consider that many people get 20 milligrams of silicon per day -- or less -- you can see how quickly beer will boost your levels. What's more, the silicon in beer is easily absorbed and used by your body.

Other beers are also packed with silicon -- although none quite hit those IPA levels. Pale ales had 36.5 mg/L, ales had 32.8 mg/L, lagers averaged 23.7 mg/L and non-alcoholic beers had just 16.3 mg/L.

Hey, if you're drinking non-alcoholic beer, you may as well take a bath without water too.

Gents, when you buy the lady a drink, be sure to help yourself to one as well. It's not just polite... you're also at risk for osteoporosis, whether you're aware of it or not.

And don't be afraid to drink your brew at the beach -- sunlight is also a great bone booster. If you want more secrets on beating osteoporosis without drugs, pour yourself a pint of beer and read the November issue of The Douglass Report. If you're not already a subscriber, you can sign up here.

Cheers!   William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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