Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gridlock Myth Busters

Lets start a new group called Gridlock Myth Busters- everyone can add value with suggestions to break or slay the need more to solve gridlock myth. Be a dragon slayer get involved

Gridlock Myth Busters- Comments on the age of golden health Care

There is a grass root movement growing that wants to fix institutional service and product delivery lapses and problems. Gridlock Myth Busters is such a group of enlightened people. They participate in the system, hear and see the challenges and make constructive actionable suggestions to solve common problems and public challenges.

These public system challenges, artificial or real, are often gridlocked by the inability of the in place service providers to make constructive alternatives available to those they serve. A combination of factors, such as a lack of focus, lack of urgency, lack of economic necessity often ensures that customer service gridlocks and their resulting poor service results become the accepted and tolerated public practice.

Gridlocks are expensive

Scarcity ensures high prices and even higher delivery costs
The marginal return of more public funding is low, despite apparent self serving and aggressive denials of those that profit and administer the often self- imposed service /product gridlocks that they provide

The Hospital gridlock myth

Common cited hurdles for poor end user service

• Not enough beds and money
• Not enough qualified health care providers
• Cannot do because of restrictions and red tape
• A buck passing attitude of” Not our responsibility”
• Blind do nothing complacency rewards

The result -a hardening of the public care artery

The hardening , gridelock or constriction of services is the result of limiting care capacity to hospitals and government Long term care beds. All resources are not used to solve the capacity challenge. This ensures limited high cost publlc funded care .

Why do we always need more ? The need more money myth explored and busted

Necessity is the mother of innovation

Reality check suggestion

Manage your resources better
Use all available beds
• Use all available care resources
Change restrictions and delayer overlapping administration services
• Use new technology
• Maximize existing plant and equipment use
• More suggestions available….

How would you solve the gridlock problem?

The Gridlock Myth Busters can be confidentially reached at

With your consent -we will pass your suggestions on to those that can make a difference for both comment and action

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Anonymous said...

I just read an article in the hamilton Sun saying how they dont have enough nurses due to job cuts so in order to fix the problem they are going to eliminate some beds at the hospitals. How does that solve any problems if people are waiting hours to get a bed in a hospital? This problem definitely needs some Gridlock help