Saturday, February 14, 2009

Canada is free, but what about you?

Canada is free, but what about you? Good question .I am less free because I do not do enough to protect my freedom. I let others take away my rights by not speaking out , I deserve what I get because of my lazy complacency and blind indifference to abuses. Thank you for reminding me that I have a personal responsibiity to keep Canada and myself free by voicing my opinions and making a tipping point and pivotal difference through real action. PR

Posted By Christi Chartrand Brantford

The more I think about Canada, and look around at all of the wars going on around the world, I am truly grateful to be where I am. I am free ... well, at least more "free" than others.

It's true, I don't have bombs blasting all around me, but the guns in schools and on the streets still frighten me.

It's true, I am free to believe in whatever religion I choose, but I must be careful, because even the slightest thing can offend my fellow freedom fighters (such as a nativity on my front yard).

I am free to live on a peaceful street, but must be sure to lock my doors at night, too many children disappear these days. I am a woman, and even though I have many rights, I am still scared to go out alone at night.

I am free to have children, but not necessarily free to keep them. I am free to vote and I do, but the majority of the country doesn't. Canada is free, it's true, but how free are you? Christi Chartrand Brantford

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Anonymous said...

"Canada is NOT free because of you Nazi assholes. You worship fucking Adolph Harper and hang on his every word. Now the stupid asshole is trying to regulate the internet to force more Canadian content. Are you on street drugs? Or are you really that stupid? " Patrick