Friday, February 08, 2008

freedom of speech infringement?

Canada Christian teacher fights suspension

QUESNEL, British Columbia, Feb. 6 Canadian teacher Chris Kempling is battling suspension of his teaching license after he wrote to a local newspaper in 2003 outlining Christian teachings on homosexuality. The College of Teachers cited him for professional misconduct and suspended his teaching license for a month, reported Wednesday. He appealed that decision all the way to Canada's Supreme Court, spending "well over" a $100oo dollars in legal fees, he said. After the Supreme Court denied his appeal, he faces yet another citation from the College that might lose him his teaching license permanently. In an e-mail Wednesday, Kempling told supporters he received a letter informing him that he is being cited on numerous counts for conduct "unbecoming" of a teacher, among them being the local representative of the Christian Heritage Party, the nation's sixth largest political party.

"I'm dismayed," Kempling told LifeSiteNews Wednesday. "I'm dismayed that activities entirely outside of the scope of my job and which have engendered no reaction or complaint would result in an additional citation...I'm dismayed that their reach is extending so far into my private life, and overriding the very clear provisions in the Charter for political freedom and for freedom of speech."

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