Wednesday, February 06, 2008

domestic buying?

Business group calls on Canadian governments to enact domestic buying rules

OTTAWA - Canadian governments' boy scout approach in failing to enact Canada-first policies on major infrastructure and mass transit projects is costing the country dearly in lost jobs and business opportunities, says a new industry study.
In a position paper being released Thursday, the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association is calling on all governments to act quickly on the issue to help out the beleaguered manufacturing sector.
The report, which says Canada is among very few countries without buy domestic rules on tax-funded projects, says there is urgency to address the matter because of the massive amounts - $33 billion in seven years from Ottawa alone-governments have committed to infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, and mass transit expansion.
"This is not protectionism," said CME president Jayson Myers. "This is levelling the playing field.

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