Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Q-jumpers: "Lessons or the Moral of the story as we see it:

You are in charge of your health, vitality and life

o Be proactive and eventually you will succeed
o We have all experienced the new words in action.
This is particularly true if you need services or work in a government environment
o Have some fun- use the new words to make others accountable to you -point out 404 errors. Make the Adminisphere accountable and get rid of the seagulls through cropdusting. Reduce or avoid blamestorming before it gets started

Back to Eden-New Beginnings (Ridgetown) 23 Richards Street 519-674-3434

We are a community of like minded peers, with an environment that is cozy, caring and comfortable. We are not GENERICA. We are special designed community just for you . We are not institutional.

Community Updates:

1. We endorse the Carp position on No More waiting on Health Care. Be heard join the better health crusade. "

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