Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Inquiry in Major need of all the facts

What infomation are they hiding and why ? So much for an open and visible government responsive to the people . PR - Editorial - Inquiry in Major need of all the facts: "Federal bureaucrats are insisting that if 'secret' documents are made public at the ongoing Air India inquiry, it could compromise Canada's security.
Surely the greater concern is that if civil servants are allowed to keep too many documents secret using the excuse of 'national security,' the inquiry will never get to the bottom of how Canada's intelligence agencies botched their investigation of the 1985 Air India bombings.
The point of Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling this inquiry was to ensure such blunders as the erasing of key evidence and damaging turf wars between CSIS and the RCMP never happen again.
John Major, a retired Supreme Court of Canada judge who heads the inquiry, has privately seen the disputed documents and does not believe all of them need to be secret. Based on his mandate, which is to oversee a public inquiry into the Air India disaster, Major has given the federal government until March 5 to address this issue, or he will shut down his probe. "

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