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LinkedIn Network Updates, 4/30/2013

Network Updates, Apr 23 - Apr 30
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Erika Holle is now connected to Courtney Cherrett and 1 other person
Siegfried Holle
Siegfried Holle
TEDMED 2013 recap: Day 3
TEDMED 2013 recap: Day 3
Day 3 of TEDMED 2013 kicked off with “Session X,” which was a special session focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship.
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Russell Mater
Russell Mater Intro to Cranial Techniques one-evening seminar now available. Contact me for more info.
Craniosacral Therapy
Prayerful touch and gentle osteopathic manipulations come together in Craniosacral Therapy. Russell Mater, B.Sc., B.Ed., CST-D, has been using this gentle, effective therapy at his Guelph office to facilitate healing and...
Sarah LoBisco
Sarah LoBisco The Power of Chia and Flax Seeds:
Chia, flax seeds high in nutrients
Chia, flax seeds high in nutrients
An ounce of whole flax has about 7 grams, or 28 percent of the recommended daily fiber intake. [...] both seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, a nutritional compound that's good for cholesterol, blood pressure and brain...
Dr. Michael Acanfora
Dr. Michael Acanfora What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Can of Coke? | Wake Up World
Francisco Saiz
Francisco Saiz Inteligencia del control mental. Apuesta por ti. Eres lo más maravilloso que existe en el mundo. Audio:
► 164/16 Inteligencia del Control Mental. Apuesta por ti. Francisco...
Subido hace 18 días (28/03/2013) en Mente y psicología por Francisco Saiz Debemos de ser más receptivos y flexibles y confiar en nuestros propios recursos. Francisco Saiz ... terapeuta y maestro de reiki...
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