Monday, March 25, 2013

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Siegfried Holle
Siegfried Holle Just what the Taxpayer,consumer and doctor ordered...
Empower whistleblowers to improve the health of all Americans
Empower whistleblowers to improve the health of all Americans
The first instinct of a bureaucracy is self-preservation, and health care bureaucracies are no exception.
Siegfried Holle
Siegfried Holle Knowing what the prices are is the first great step to bust the monopoly . People will be outraged when they find out and ensure alternatives . Stopping the cancer by not feeding it more government imposed nutrients
On a “Spiritual Mission:” Changing the Alternate Universe that is...
Last week, I had the honor of participating in a panel discussion with Steven Brill, who authored the monumental TIME article, “Bitter Pill,” and Ezekiel Emanuel, a fellow doctor...
Siegfried Holle
Siegfried Holle Excellent -do what works- kill unneeded cancerous restrictions squeeze the lemon
Incentives Trump Process
Lawyers, accountants, and congress obsess over process and compliance, whether it’s following procedures and precedent, complying with accounting rules, or passing laws to modify behavior,...
Siegfried Holle
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