Friday, December 07, 2012

Re: School funds being wasted shocking

Thank you for your information and valid concerns
  • I agree with you
    • as a former member of the parents council
    • as a taxpayer and citizen getting less for the money
    • as a public  trustee in the public trust of spending public funds
    • as a discusted business person tired of abuses of mandate and cronyism
  •  I will do the following
    • contact our Taxpayer coalition group for further action
    • contact our mps and political repreentatives for investigation and futher action (for accountability)
  • Thank you it takes courage to whistleblow outrages , and obviou internal special interest racketeering
    • one rotten apple spoils the barrel for everyone  -thank you for the information
Sieg  for the common good
Have a great day and thank you
On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 11:38 AM, M M teacher  wrote:
Good morning...I am a teacher in Brantford and must remain anonymous please. I believe as a taxpayer there is a huge waste of money happening right now. I am sure you are aware of the turmoil going on within the school system with the introduction of Bill 115. Teachers have withdrawn from attending meetings, inputting attendance, hall supervision etc. This happened about 2 weeks ago. The school board has hired retired principals to collect attendance records, monitor lunch rooms and walk the halls of the school. I do not know how many schools have hired former administrators to perform these duties but the biggest slap in the face is the salary these people are being paid. I have heard that it is somewhere around $500.00 a day per person. As a taxpayer I find this a disgrace that the school board would allow this wasteful spending when sudents go without basic supplies such as textbooks. I just thought you would also find this interesting. Do the math. It is criminal that money is being wasted on these people simply babysitting students and walking the halls.

Sieg Holle BS MBA

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