Saturday, July 07, 2012

The money cancer - the fed explained

He who controls the gold controls the people and their nations

A useful refresher on this fact   The "Misery" whores seem to prosper in this private ponzi scheme of false interest and selfish greed .True  law makers are not for sale.

How do you kill this virus or cancer ?
  • know that it exists -like a tapeworm feasting on the body politic
  • do not feed it
  • do not fear it
  • tell everyone about it
  • starve it -by not using it -build a  new system of proper and fair value exchange
Stop the "wars on"  and other profit  making monopoly plays
  • war on nations
  • war on drugs
  • war on terrorism (natural human beings rights)
  • war on people (eugenics)
  • war on environment

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