Friday, June 29, 2012

Rekindling the fire and relevance of the Knights in our community

Let us get a real story about what made the Knights great and relevant
"Freedom is our lives "   on dvd or any format that we can use from State .
Excellent motivational piece that is true -
The untold story of the Knights  during the Cristiada in Mexico - this has lots of lessons for today
"Today we send a message to Calles, and to the world," he says. "Freedom is not a word just for writers, politicians or fancy documents. It is our wives, it is our children, it is our homes, it is our faith, it is our lives. We must defend it or die trying — it's not only our duty, it's our right! Remember: Men may fire the bullets, but God decides where they land. Viva Cristo Rey!"

Sieg Holle BS MBA

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