Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creating abundance from scarcity

  Abundance is freedom
It is true to say that we have more then enough to keep everyone in a well balanced state of happiness or well being- abundance . The problem seems to be the inability to distribute resources effectively under the normal supply and demand rules of living. Scarcity is artificial in a well abundant world of  resources, intellectual energy and common need and will.

Scarcity is in many cases a sympton of greed and manipulation of the few to profit from the many. It is time to reverse this ridiculous and harmful trend by giving everyone choice through their free will as God gave it to them. 

You do not have to accept that war- scarcity and the dictates of the uninformed and greedy should reduce your personal abundance and enriched enjoyment of life . Start by creating abundance from the scarcity created by others in the name of the public good.

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