Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Take the pressure off Care system -more alternative resources needed

Report says more midwives needed worldwide

LONDON (UPI) -- A global shortage of midwives means one in three womenworldwide gives birth without the benefit of expert help, a report bya U.K. charity says.

Save the Children says more than 1 million babies could be savedannually if the shortage of trained midwives, estimated at 350,000,was eliminated, the BBC reported Friday.

Launching a campaign for more midwives, the charity said having experthelp during delivery could save both mothers and babies from easilypreventable birth complications.

"It doesn't have to be complicated: Someone who knows how to dry ababy properly and rub its back to help it breathe can make thedifference between life and death," said Justin Forsyth, chiefexecutive of Save the Children. "No child is born to die."

Women in the poorest countries suffered the most from lack of experthelp at delivery, the charity said, and were much more likely to losetheir baby or be at risk of death themselves during childbirth.


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