Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Interesting food for thought on property rights

Private Property Is Nothing To Fear  http://www.fcpp.org/

An economic study of successful First Nations is being held in suspicion through erroneous thinking about the notion of private property. Aboriginal policy analyst Joseph Quesnel looks at some common fallacies held about indigenous peoples in Canada and the notion of private property. He argues the debate about the appropriateness of property as an economic development tool should be free of misinformation.
Freedom Is The Destiny Of Native Canadians
A poll conducted by Frontier Centre reveals there is a hunger out in Indian Country for more democracy, starting with an elected grand chief in each province. Frontier's Aboriginal policy fellow Don Sandberg looks at a poll conducted by the Frontier Centre which highlights strong support across all Prairie First Nations for elected grand chiefs. First Nations clearly want democratic leadership and an end to the system where only chiefs select important leaders.

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