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Fwd: To the Editor and Taxpayers of Brant Re Littel

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To the Editor- Expositor          Thursday, July 29, 2010



Comment from reader


Re: 4 mayor candidates do not show up for the Taxpayer coalition Mayors debate at the Knights of Columbus Hall



In my opinion ,it is unfortunate that the would be mayor hopeful, Mr. Littel could or would not attend" the meet the candidates  mayor debate"  at the Knights of Columbus hall.. It appears that he was not officially notified and he was thus not officially prepared to be at the debate, or share his vision and plan for Brantford's future. This seems strange coming from one of the first Mayor candidates in the race- Not prepared after campaigning for almost 6 months?  The great communicator, the lead champion, planner of the City's south Colborne development project - not prepared to share his views with the common public? How ironic and just what special behind the scene agenda are we, the voters, to believe in now?


Unofficially, this apparent prima donna or Let them eat cake attitude does not say much for his leadership style or ability to listen. Hopefully he will officially attend other public meetings and answer or be willing to answer questions from the voters.


The Taxpayer Coalition public "Meet the Candidates" meetings where well publicized.  Most people would think that a Mayor Job candidate would welcome the opportunity to meet the public, the voters and the press to share his views –unofficially or officially


Littel seem to have little confidence in his own ability to debate other serious candidates – pity.



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