Monday, April 05, 2010

Cheap fix for refugee problem - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA

Cheap fix for refugee problem - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA

In 2008, Auditor General Sheila Fraser reported that it was costing up to $228 a day to detain a single refugee claimant in a provincial jail or federal immigration holding facility.
Multiply that by the almost 20,000 failed refugee claimants ordered deported every year -- plus the backlog of 15,000, plus up to another 38,000 who are missing -- and the cost would be staggering.
The auditor general estimated that in 2008 alone, detaining a fraction of all refugee claimants cost taxpayers over $38 million.
Forcing refugees to post cash bonds as an alternative to detention apparently doesn't always work too well, either.

The auditor general reported that about 18% of all those who posted bonds instead of going to jail in 2005 "did not comply with the terms of their release" -- that is, they disappeared.
Half of those were still missing at the time of the audit three years later, including 18 with criminal records. Even when failed refugee claimants show up at the deportation office, taxpayers can be on the hook for a very expensive goodbye.

A bounty of 2000 $ plus one way ticket seems like a good alternative Pr

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