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Food for thought particularly on healthcare


October 23, 2009 (EM408)
Pebbles cause avalanches . . .
The End is Nigh


The End is Nigh
The gloomy end-of-the-world rhetoric of climate change catastrophists is nothing new. With, the permission of one of Australia's top scientists, Ian Plimer, the Frontier Centre excerpts an entertaining historical discussion of, the many "end of, the world" doomsayers who presage, the climate change versions we hear relentlessly today from his best-selling book Heaven and Earth (11 pages)

Proselytizing Five-Year Olds
Proselytizing is defined as an attempt to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another. It has no place in, the classroom and requires a constant vigilance to ensure open minds and balanced information. Dr. Tim Ball explains how his five-year old grandson was subjected to indoctrination in school-the last place dogma should be inculcated.

Climate Terrorism? World Held to Ransom with Contrived Climate Science
A small group of scientists mostly associated with, the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at, the University of East Anglia have consciously withheld data and methods to place global progress, development, economies and peoples lives in jeopardy. Senior Fellow Dr. Tim Ball takes on myths propagated by, the climate change industry. Modern Environmentalist.

Global Warming Dismissed as 'Lies'
"Fluctuations in, the earth's temperature have occurred throughout history and can be explained by various factors, such as changes in, the sun", Monckton said. "Politicians motivated by money, power and glory are more than happy to jump on, the global-warming bandwagon." Frontier Centre in, the Media.

Apocalypse No
Powerpoint slides that accompanied Lord Christopher Monckton's Lunch on, the Frontier presentation in Winnipeg, October 8, 2009. Watch these concurrently as you listen to speech audio which can be heard by clicking here .

How Copenhagen Could Cost Canada Most
In fact, as a wealthy and growing net exporter of carbon-intensive products, particularly energy, Canada is looking at a world of different trade obstacles under Copenhagen that almost no other country in, the world faces. Reporter Kevin Libin writes that, the upcoming Copenhagen Treaty carries a high price for Canada under its carbon emissions policies. Worth a look from, the National Post.

How, the Baby Boomers Blew it on Healthcare
Canada is about to be hit by a wave of baby boomer needing health care. Too bad they didn't prepare by saving. Frontier's Mark Milke notes how governments should have long ago introduced medical savings accounts. That they didn't is, the biggest policy screw-up of, the last half-century.

It's Show Time!
Human "rights" commissions are long past being fixable. Barry Cooper explains why they should be shut down. It's show time for Canada's human rights commissions as a Parliamentary committee looks into whether they should be abolished.

Media Release - Getting Rid of Canada's Kangaroo Courts
New Frontier Centre report warns U.S. academics of Canada's injurious record on free speech.

Canada's "Schauprozess"—Show Trials
Canada's Human Rights Commissions are akin to "show trials" that have long existed in other, less free countries and to which Canadians once thought we would always be immune. Dr. Barry Cooper from, the University of Calgary, Cooper advises Americans to learn from Canada's poor example on free speech, and for Canadians to both beware of and ridicule, the "human rights" bodies that are now, the proper object of scorn. Canada's human rights tribunals are not judicially respectable procedures, particularly those conducted under section 13 of, the Canadian Human Rights Act , which deals with "hate speech" or, more accurately, with hurt feelings.

Gay Activists Plus Conservative Pastor: Thank Government for, the Unnatural Pairing
The wrongly-named "human rights" bodies need to be scrapped;, the real courts should deal with claims of discrimination, and not, the fake pretend bodies with their wide-ranging and too-often abused and unchecked powers. Frontier research director Mark Milke reviews Ezra Levant's book: Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in, the Name of Human Rights.

Media Release - Pulling Back, the Curtain
The municipal governments of Regina and Saskatoon report their performances far less often than do other cities cited in this report. As a rule, neither city discloses its performance as extensively as other cities do. There are exceptions as noted and where due. Regina has measured increased numbers for sporting and cultural activities resulting from its online registration option. Saskatoon measured, the increase in fines paid because of its COPE program.

Pulling Back, the Curtain
How well do Regina and Saskatoon stack up on their ability to be transparent in, the services, costs and effectiveness when compared with other Canadian cities? A new Frontier study explains where they miss, the mark but can improve. On transparency measurements, a new Frontier report looks at how well Regina and Saskatoon compare with Kelowna, Prince George and cities in England, Australia and New Zealand.


Frontier Media Appearances

Lord Monckton Debates Global Warming (Roy Green) - October 06, 2009
Lord Christopher Monckton, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, was interviewed on, the Roy Green Show nationally on, the Corus Radio Network. (October 3, 2009) (12 mins)

Frontier Audio

Apocalypse Cancelled (Lord Christopher Monckton) - October 13, 2009
Lord Christopher Monckton, the former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher, debunks The overheated hype behind global warming at Lunch on, the Frontier, Winnipeg, October 8, 2009. Audio of speech plus questions and answer session (100 minutes).

Frontier Radio Commentary

Expropriation Victory Demonstrates Need For Further Reform - October 16, 2009
Traditionally, expropriation is only allowed for public utilities, such as roads and bridges, but allowing expropriation for economic development gives governments broad powers that can be easily abused. From, the Frontier Centre's weekly radio commentary that runs in 3 prairie provinces.

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