Monday, July 13, 2009

Effective local solutions please

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Land Negotiations between the City of Brantford and the County of Brant must be re-established with a new negotiation team for the greater common good.



The taxpayers of Brant and Brantford should not be penalized by the break down in negotiations between the city and the county in land negotiations. We believe cooler heads should prevail to unlock the new tax revenue, the new jobs and new business potential represented by the estimated 5000 acres held hostage by the dispute. Not using the land potential for a higher and needed use is both unfair and wasteful to all-  the property owners, the general taxpayers and the local economy .


If we cannot resolve local issues amongst ourselves, the province, as a higher authority, can force terms that could be less beneficial than a locally negotiated and controlled solution. This is a bad precedent for our local long term autonomy.


Prior to giving up our jurisdiction over this dispute, we, the Brant Taxpayers Coalition recommend that a new more senior negotiation committee be established to resolve the issue. We suggest that the Mayor and Mayoral candidates : councillors Littel,  Sless  and Marguerite Chesci Smith be part of this new committee   All members proposed have a track record of steady leadership, cool headed "not inflammatory" and fair  actions , traits needed to resolve this important growth or anti-stagnation local issue with the county   .


If it is broken we can and should fix it locally, and remove those who are obstacles or in the way of progress, positive benefits and results for all parties concerned.


S. Holle

Communications Director

Brant-Taxpayers Coalition 


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