Sunday, March 01, 2009

BreakPoint: Chilling Free Speech, 2/24/09 - 2/24/2009 12:15:50 PM

BreakPoint: Chilling Free Speech, 2/24/09 - 2/24/2009 12:15:50 PM: "Chilling Free Speech
Mapping Political Persecution
February 24, 2009
Dotting the streets on a certain online map are hundreds of red teardrops. Click on a teardrop at a particular address, and come up with the words, “Patricia Greenwood. Insurance agent. $100.”"

This is unbelievable in a democracy. In fact, “domestic terrorism” is not too strong a word to use for what’s occurring in California—and it’s a reminder of what happened when citizens allowed similar tactics to go unchallenged in another time and place.

Seventy-odd years ago, Adolf Hitler turned loose his brown shirts on Germany. These vicious young thugs went street by street, seeking out Jews and communists and trade union leaders. They beat them up and destroyed their places of business. In this way, Germany, a strong country, was taken over by an evil man and regime.

Using Google maps to pinpoint opposition views is an abuse -whether you believe in either position -this is a bad precedent that should be discouraged PR

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