Friday, January 16, 2009

Frontier Centre is a source of high quality information

The Global “Go-To Think Tanks”In a world saturated with information, connected by the web and challenged by complex issues that often hit like a meteor from outer space, there is a growing need to know where to turn for high quality information and analysis on critical policy issues. Increasingly policy makers and the public are turning to the close to 5,500 public policy research organizations around the world for assistance. This report, from the January 2009 edition of Foreign Policy Magazine identifies and ranks the leading think tanks in every region of the world. The Think Tanks And Civil Societies Program releases its 2008 Report. The Frontier Centre ranks 22 of top 284 nominated North American (non-USA) think tanks. Special publication.

"The Frontier Centre for Public Policy is an independent public policy think tank whose mission is "to broaden the debate on our future through public policy research and education and to explore positive changes within our public institutions that support economic growth and opportunity."

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