Tuesday, December 02, 2008

help the Governor general

Another negative first for Canada? We have a situation where the Bloc or separatists are the king makers to Canada's political rule. It is ironic that Canadians paid the way for this situation to happen. Without our public subsidy-and left to there own fund raising efforts from their own Quebec constituents- they would never have been able to reach this level of ccntro; or influence. Dion the champion of clarity -do you want to separate-under the Liberal Chretein government is now beholden to the Bloc to capture and maintain power from the elected conservative government.

Tragically-when the Conservatives called for economic restraint in these acknowledged hard time - cutting special interest subsidies to poitical parties - the knives came out. The hypocrasy is blatant. We are now potentially forced to be governed by unelected special interest people with questionable skills to weather the economic storm.

Governer General -Why not ask the Canadian people-in the form of a plebicsite what they wish you to do? In the public interest , a plebicsite could add clarity and democratic credibiity to the situation.

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