Friday, November 23, 2007

Medical tassers -Where is the Common sense?

Where is the common Sense?
When Rules are Wrong: Border Patrol Stops AmbulancePOSTED by obserant blogger casNOVEMBER 18, 2007 AT 10:02 PM TO POLITICS, US, CANADA.cas shares news of government rules and regulations rum amuck at the US-Canada border:"An ambulance rushing a heart attack victim to Detroit from a Windsor (Ontario) hospital ill-equipped to perform life-saving surgery was stopped for secondary inspection Monday by U.S. Customs, despite the fact it carried a man fighting for his life. Rick Laporte, 49 -- who twice had been brought back to life with defibrillators -- was being rushed across the border when a U.S. border guard ignored protocol at the Detroit portion of the tunnel and forced the ambulance -- with siren and lights flashing -- to pull over."

This reminds me of a story a few months back here in Virginia where a husband was pulled over and issued a reckless driving ticket for going over 80mph. The catch: he was taking his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital. It's these people's jobs to uphold the law, but come on, have half a brain and make exceptions for special circumstances!

How do we stop this? Just like Tassers which are legal but abused by "robotic" officialsh and if used without common sense

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