Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bigger bang for research buck needed

RE 96% of the Expositor Reader poll of 486 do not want to spend $300,000 on the 2-way traffic study for Dalhousie and Colborne street.

It would appear that Brantford ratepayers are tired and skeptical of yet another study to help the downtown. Maybe they are tired of paying for studies that are never used or implemented or common sense obvious. The reverse of the penny wise pound foolish thinking, it seems that they are tired paying a pound to get a penny worth of results at their expense.

We , the Brant Taxpayers Coalition agree with these readers and suggest another use of these public funds. We suggest on a constructive basis, that council establish a committee of councilors and knowledgeable citizens form the ratepayers, to determine the viability of establishing a commercial casino that has the potential of creating an additional 2000 jobs. This study would include calls for proposals from the private sector to renew the overall recreational complex in the area and which would include an upgraded civic centre , Our information indicates that a commercial casino was at one time considered but narrowly defeated under the stewardship of former mayor Friel and that a promised public plebiscite was never conducted . This approach could have more benefits, get wider community acceptance , and be more visible , then the proposed traffic study A bigger bang for the taxpayer's research buck is respectfully requested.

Sieg Holle Communications director Brant Taxpayers Coalition

Brantford, On

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