Sunday, May 14, 2006

Getting our ship in order Strong dollar speaks volumes - Editorial - Strong dollar speaks volumes: "Under Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien and finance minister Paul Martin, the Canadian dollar sank to less than 63 cents US at various times. What a disgrace. How embarrassing. No wonder financial experts around the globe talked about us having a 'northern peso.'
We had one of the largest federal accumulated debts in the industrialized world, our combined federal, provincial and municipal taxes were the highest in the G-7 -- and on average 20% higher than in the U.S. Coincidentally, our productivity was 20% lower than in the U.S., which certainly told a story. "

It is no coincidence our 90-cent dollar has arrived just three months after Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives won the Jan. 23 federal election and just a week after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled his first budget.
From New York to Zurich to Hong Kong, the world now knows we are getting our ship in order.