Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - Editorial - Tory tax plan lacking

We agree the Tories can do better and when elected will be made accountable to getting Canadian taxes competitive with the rest of the world. PR - Editorial - Tory tax plan lacking: "It's not like there isn't the fiscal room to bring in broad-based tax cuts, either.
The federal government is projecting nearly $55 billion in surpluses over the next five years.
And we all know there are billions of dollars more in government waste that can be slashed, including the $1-billion gun registry.
Canada suffers from one of the lowest productivity rates among the world's developed countries. We need leaner government and a higher performance economy to reverse that.
Most economists agree that one of the best places to start is to reduce Canada's high tax burden.
We thought the Conservatives believed that, too. "

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