Tuesday, July 26, 2005

winnipegsun.com - Manitoba - Another horror story

winnipegsun.com - Manitoba - Another horror story: "John Sienkiewicz was floored when the Office of the Public Trustee took over his mother's life, including seizing her pension cheques and selling her house against her will.
And he couldn't believe his eyes when the Public Trustee informed him in writing that he should reduce the number of visits to his mother, Jean Sienkiewicz -- who was in hospital at the time -- to two or three times a week.
The story of Jean Sienkiewicz -- who died earlier this year at the age of 77 -- is another Public Trustee horror story and part of an investigative series by The Sun that has triggered a legislative review of the office by the Doer government.
Sienkiewicz was taken over by the Public Trustee in 2003 after the province's director of psychiatric services appointed them committee while Sienkiewicz was in hospital suffering from leg ulcers. "

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