Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Osprey Media Group Inc. - St. Catharines Standard

Lets have an honest debate- not propaganda by those that fear service competition- QJ
Osprey Media Group Inc. - St. Catharines Standard: "But Thorold resident Barrett Smith dismissed the poll, calling it �the most ridiculous thing � as phoney as a $9 bill.�

Smith voted twice, at two different locations, to prove the poll was invalid, and he voted �no� both times because he�s in favour of private investment.

�Private is not as bad as they paint it,� said Smith, and the current model for funding health care �isn�t working.

�People are dying waiting, and there has to be something better, whether it�s two-tier or 10-tier, I don�t care. But it�s got to be better than what we�ve got now.�

Smith mistrusts the strong union backing of the Ontario and Niagara health coalitions, and he also objects to public libraries being used as poll locations.

The Niagara vote is the first of many the Ontario Health Coalition plans to hold across the province, said Natalie Mehra of Toronto, a spokeswoman for the coalition.

In May, the Ontario government introduced a five-year infrastructure plan that uses the term �innovative alternative financing� to describe the private funding of public infrastructure, including up to 23 new hospitals, said Mehra. "

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